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Armenak Antinyan

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1. Relative Income and MigrationEmpirical Evidence from the South Caucasus(合著者:意大利墨西拿大学Luca Corazzini

AbstractThis paper empirically investigates the relationship between households’ relative deprivation and the intentions of their members to temporarily migrate abroad in three transition economies of the South Caucasus: Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia. Controlling for households’ absolute income and other relevant subjective dimensions, we illustrate that households’ relative position vis-à-vis their reference groups plays an important role in determining the intentions of their members to migrate abroad. Particularly, individuals are more willing to engage in temporary emigration, if they perceive themselves to be poorer than the reference group.    




2. Are Taxes Beautiful? A Survey-Experiment on Information, Taxpayer Preferences and Perceived Adequacy of the Tax Burden(合著者Lorenzo Abbiati Luca Corazzini意大利墨西拿大学)

Abstract. We report results of a survey experiment aimed at testing whether eliciting taxpayer preferences on how to allocate the collected taxes over national public goods as well as providing information about public spending to the taxpayers influence the tax rate that they consider as adequate to pay. We find that providing information on the national public expenditure has no effect on the level of the adequate tax rate. On the contrary, taxpayers report higher tax rates when they express their preferences regarding the public goods to be financed through their taxes.    

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