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The commercial value of the Olumpic Games(奥运的尚云价值研究报告)

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The  commercial value of the Olympic Games(奥运的商业价值研究报告)

Year(s)  of Survey

April  2004



Summary  of Data

Horizon  Research Association and the Beijing Science and Technology Advisory  Commission investigation of professional co-operation in April 2004 and  formed "the commercial value of the Olympics," the study, with a  view for each one wishes to participate in the sports marketing industry to  provide well-known enterprises at home and abroad to develop sports marketing  programs reference information.

Unit  of Analysis

individual  (16-60 year-old local permanent residents)

Number  of Observations


Principal  Investigator(s) and Affiliation

Beijing  Science and Technology Advisory Commission

Organization  Responsible for Collecting Data

Horizon  Research Association

Method  of Data Collection (interview, questionnaire, etc)

Structured  questionnaire, face to face interviews

Sampling  Method

使用多段随机抽样方式,循“居委会总体¾ 样本居委会¾ 样本户¾ 个人”的程序,进行随机全户过滤,如果对于按照上述抽样方法抽到的目标访问户内无合格对象,则以下一个合格目标访问户进行递补;户内如有1个以上合格对象,则按照KISH抽样法确定唯一目标访问对象。

Source  (internet link, and/or contact info for inquiries)



Access  Restrictions

need  to pay 2500 RMB


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