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Michael Si (MyCOS) - Chinese university annual survey of graduate employment and capacity

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Michael Si (MyCOS) - Chinese university  annual survey of graduate employment and capacity

Year(s) of  Survey



Covered 31 provinces, municipalities and  autonomous regions in China. 2113 colleges and universities, of which 104 are  211 universities, 898 are the other undergraduate colleges and universities,  (including branches and undergraduate of the associate college), 1106 are  three-year vocational colleges and universities, (including division of  junior college ). Investigated a total number of 1276 professionals, 603 are  undergraduate professionals, 673 are three-year vocational education.

Additional  Information about Location(s)

Including urban and rural areas

Summary of Data  

The survey was conducted among college  students of China six months after their graduation, including vocational and  professional school undergraduates. The purpose of the survey is to collect  data on new graduates of university students for employment, employment  status, and basic working ability and professional competence information, to  establish an annual database.

Unit of  Analysis


Number of  Observations

The first survey in 2007 received a total  number of 85000 copies of valid questionnaires; 2008 usable questionnaires  were200, 000 copies.

Principal  Investigator(s) and Affiliation

Michael Si (MyCOS) Company

Organization  Responsible for Collecting Data

Michael Si (MyCOS) Company

Method of Data  Collection (interview, questionnaire, etc)


Sampling Method  

The survey invitation and online survey  was sent to college student’s personal mailbox six months after they  graduated.

Source (internet  link, and/or contact info for inquiries)

Dr. Wang Boqing, boqing.wang @  mycos.com.cn Willow Bridge Road Haidian District, Beijing, Changchun 100  million City Center, Room 1505, Block C2 Zip: 100089 Tel

Access Restrictions


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