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Survey on the reform and efficiency of state-owned enterprises

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Survey on the reform and efficiency of  state-owned enterprises

Year(s) of Survey



Jiangsu, Sichuan, Shanxi and Jilin

Additional Information about Location(s)

Nearly 800 state-owned enterprises

Summary of Data

This dataset consists of data collected  from two surveys conducted in 1990 and 1995 respectively. Each survey  includes a statistical table for enterprise and a questionnaire for directors  or managers. The statistical table collects data on 321 variables for 1990  and 160 for 1995, which covers information on output, input of raw materials  and energy, labor and wages, financial situation, assets and debts, investment  and utilization of production capacity. The questionnaire mainly investigates  directors or managers' opinion on government reform measures such as the  contract system, enterprise autonomy and the relationship between government  and enterprises, etc.

Unit of Analysis

Enterprises and managers

Number of Observations

In 1990, an effective sample was 769,  while in 1995 due to bankruptcy, joint ventures and mergers and other  reasons, the number of samples down to 681.

Principal Investigator(s) and Affiliation  

Institute of Economic Studies, Chinese  Academy of Social Sciences

Organization Responsible for Collecting  Data

Institute of Economic Studies, Chinese  Academy of Social Sciences

Method of Data Collection (interview,  questionnaire, etc)


Sampling Method

Stratified random sampling method

Source (internet link, and/or contact  info for inquiries)


Access Restrictions

If data needed, send e-mail to usc@cuhk.edu.hk  Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shatin, Hong Kong China Research Service  Center


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