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Research Summary of Armenak Antinyan

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Armenak Antinyan specializes in Behavioral and Experimental Economics. His main research interests are in the areas of social preferences, public good provision, behavioral aspects of taxation and relative preferences. Armenak conducts experiments as well as utilizes household survey data for his research.

Armenak is interested how losses affect the social preferences and the cooperating behavior of individuals. Dr. Antinyan is also interested in what behavioral mechanisms can be designed to make taxpayers more willing to pay taxes as well as blow the whistle on tax evaders.

Regarding relative preferences, Armenak is interested in how the relative standing of the individuals vis-à-vis their reference groups affects their behavior and feelings in the transition economies of the South Caucasus (Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia). Particularly, Dr. Antinyan is interested in the impact of relative standing on life satisfaction, migration, social preferences, public good provision, trust toward each other and toward state institutions as well as law obedience.


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